What is TalentIdentify?

TalentIdentify helps you make smarter people decisions, creating connection and fulfillment.

TalentIdentify is your connected people insights companion that helps you make smarter recruitment and development decisions, improving employee engagement and retention. It allows you to tap into contemporary and holistic behavioural science, on-demand, to identify talent, develop effective teams, and create the culture you need.

Every day we make people decisions that impact our future success. We do this without having the full picture, TalentIdentify augments your intelligence anytime and anywhere. It’s a modern and holistic assessment companion delivering all four types of critical people success insights, behaviour, values, stress styles, and culture patterns, in one simple connected solution.

So why TalentIdentify?

It’s about providing smarter personalised insights, for smarter hiring and development.


It is about hiring the right people, developing individuals, and building diverse and effective teams. It gives you what you need to take more aligned actions that bring you closer to building your ideal culture, higher performing teams and leadership capability.


TalentIdentify can help you with smarter hiring, development, or even better, connect both for more contextual decisions. 


Assess and profile candidates to help you more holistically, fairly and objectively identify strengths and fit areas, even those that might previously have been overlooked, in order to give candidates an equal opportunity and select people who are more likely to do well and thrive!


Understand, develop and motivate employees, recognising and using their strengths and supporting them in their identified growth and development areas, to build more diverse, engaged and higher performing individuals and teams.



Go beyond tick the box reports, your people intelligence platform supports individual as they move through the employee lifecycle, learn about team and group patterns and provide deeper insights over time. 

You can visualise existing behaviour and culture patterns and take steps at any level to move towards the ideal. You can quickly identify and develop team dynamics to improve collaboration and performance.


You can identify subcultures of any group and their operating styles. This also helps you make the right hires based on your current teams.


TalentIdentify really is about what you need, and where you want to start to improve your people outcomes. Leverage on-demand behavioural science to take the guesswork and bias out of hiring and development.



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