Create more fulfilment at work

Hire the right Talent. Develop better Teams. Build the right Culture.

TalentIdentify provides you with smarter people intelligence for recruitment and development

  • Hire, develop and retain the people you need for long-term success
  • Identify and match talent to roles based on where they will flourish
  • Drive team performance, collaboration and engagement
  • Build a culture that aligns with strategy and achieves goals

Insights rooted in the latest behavioural science and analytics


Identify traits and behaviours that predict job performance


Uncover values and drivers that impact engagement


Understand behaviour under stress and development areas


Identify operating culture styles that determine group success

Take the guesswork and bias out of hiring and development decisions

Insights at any level, on-demand

People intelligence at your fingertips

Culture & Engagement
Strengthen engagement and retention

Learning & Development
Focus development on relevant areas

Improve motivation and performance

Ensure hiring quality and reduce time to hire

Team Effectiveness
Enhance team productivity and diversity

Align organisational culture to strategy 

Real-time analytics anywhere in the employee lifecycle for smarter decisions

How it works


Participants complete a 15-min questionnaire


Talentidentify learns about personality, values, and culture patterns


Dynamic analytics delivered to support intelligent people decisions

Use TalentIdentify to hire and develop right.

  • Identify strengths and development needs for any individual or team
  • Assess candidate fit to jobs and team culture
  • Develop low performers into top performers
  • Understand causes of turnover to help employees stay longer
  • Align operating values and culture to the desired pattern

Why choose TalentIdentify?

Peer-reviewed behavioural science that's futureproof

TalentIdentify aligns you with more universal personality, values and culture models that have been validated globally across more than 50 years, by more than 1 million peer-reviewed studies.

Connected, holistic insights
for multiple purposes

Your data is holistic and can be reused, and repurposed endlessly. The platform unlocks analytics anywhere in the employee lifecycle, at the levels of individual, teams, and workforce – helping you solve new challenges as they arrive.

Immediate value and instant deployment

Be up and running with the product in minutes. Access easy to understand and actionable insights that help you make smarter people decisions on-demand. Better value, easy to scale and available in multiple languages.

Great Companies Trust TalentIdentify

Customer Testimonials

Every employee benefits

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TalentIdentify is more intuitive to complete than Myer-Briggs and is spot-on accurate to a detailed level, presented in an empowering way that supported me in driving my positives & developing negatives.
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Thank you so much. This was like looking into an open book of myself. I realized that if I am to do something well I must enjoy it or be excited by it. I was not surprised by the extreme leanings of my personality. I will discuss this with managers as they will know how to keep me on track better
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Results are amazing! So funny that’s what I’m trying to get into now with the cooking and education/teaching. Thanks for sending through.
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Basically I just thought my profile was pretty bang on. The report was easy to read and useful. I was also surprised by how quickly the report came back!