Announcement Chief Executive Officer Appointment

Appointment of CEO (1640 x 924 px)

Former Australia Post Executive and Transformation Consultant Joins TalentIdentify as CEO

We are pleased to announce Kerry Ashbrook as our CEO. Kerry brings a wealth of skills and experience that will take us one step closer towards creating more fulfillment and connection at work. Under Kerry’s leadership we will continue to develop and grow our market share by enabling more teams to make smarter hiring and development decisions. 

TalentIdentify is a holistic assessment analytics companion that focuses on combining people science and technology to augment and boost, rather than artificially replace, our natural human intelligence to support smarter hiring and development decisions in today’s diverse and contextual environments. Our company will benefit from the experience, passion and leadership of Kerry, who is also a published author and coaches women, educating on the importance of financial literacy.

About her appointment as CEO, Kerry Ashbrook said:

True and lasting organisational transformation happens when you have alignment of culture, values and people. I wish I had TalentIdentify many years ago, it would have made every role I have been in that much easier. I could not be more impressed with the comprehensiveness and accuracy of the profiles, or the analytical insights the platform provides. 

Starting in a new role, recruiting or developing your team, imagine getting to quickly understand your people, their strengths, values, what they contribute to your culture and how they may disrupt when under stress. TalentIdentify enables you to have deep and authentic conversations when new starters commence. When we know and understand each other better, we create more meaningful connections, teams are more effective and we deliver greater performance at every level

TalentIdentify humanises psychometrics, and delivers holistic and personalised insights about personality, values, stress and culture patterns on-demand, connecting at the level of individuals, teams and organisation. The platform acts as a companion that can learn about overall patterns and reflect changes in a high mobility world over time, aiming to solve disconnectedness and bias in decisions by enabling objective, fairer, and more connected people insights.

To have someone of Kerry’s experience and capability to join and lead the business is fantastic. We have different strengths and backgrounds, but our values and goals are very strongly aligned. I’m looking forward to working with Kerry to realise our mission of creating fulfillment and valuing everybody's uniqueness. I’ve already experienced firsthand the drive, passion and connection that Kerry brings to the business. Most importantly, Kerry understands leadership and values the importance of connecting people - through insight, engagement, development and coaching to deliver positive results and cultures."

Founder and Workforce Psychologist - Ryan Ng

Kerry adds distinct value to TalentIdentify with extensive expertise across various disciplines, including business strategy, customer service, sales and marketing, IT, project management, operations and governance. She has assisted many organisations to develop and implement strategies to improve customer experience and business performance. 

From its humble beginnings, TalentIdentify continues to grow with accredited partners and coaches. Our new and existing clients will benefit immensely from Kerry’s background and expertise. 

Exciting times ahead for TalentIdentify. 

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