About Us

Ryan Ng

Ryan Ng

Ryan founded TalentIdentify to enable people and businesses to succeed on their own unique terms. He is a registered Psychologist with a background in education, technology, and data science, with publications on personality, negotiation, and neuropsychology. Ryan employs a innovative, holistic and strengths-based approach to optimising individual and organisational effectiveness, bringing psychology to the masses to support data informed, people driven decisions.
Paul Burley

Paul Burley

Paul is a serial HR tech entrepreneur having previously founded PredictiveHire, Vertical Talent and Actualizer. His passion lies in helping organisations make better people decisions by using fair, relevant and accurate data.
Tom Caley bio

Tom Caley

Tom is a seasoned customer experience specialist with expertise encompassing frontline sales and service management, enterprise-wide Voice of Customer and global Employee Engagement systems. He brings a strong focus on user experience and user interface design and a passion for action-oriented insights. Tom is also an occasional blogger, music producer, voracious reader and devoted father of 3.
Kate derry

Dr Kate Derry

Kate specialises in self psychology, and has been involved in research projects covering the areas of heart rate variability, learning, emotions, personality, values, and cyberpsychology. She has worked in the space of entrepreneurship, innovation and education. Kate combines her skills in research and development as well as science communication, to deliver more actionable and reliable people insights.