A Connected People and Culture Advisor

Help individuals fulfill potential, managers enhance performance, and leaders shape culture

Get individual profiles for applicants and employees, with a portal for real-time analytics that allows you to compare, contrast, and analyse key patterns at the level of individuals, teams and the workforce.

Hire the best candidates and allocate employees to to do better work

  • Identify individual strengths and value drivers
  • Assess candidate fit to job roles and teams

Fill gaps in your teams and support higher team performance

  • Highlight strengths and gap areas for any group of people
  • Align team values and culture to achieve strategic goals

Develop your employees for success and grow your current talent pool

  • Equip people with insights to focus development on unique learning needs
  • Bridge the areas of difference between low vs top performers

Create your desired culture to achieve strategic goals and retain your best people

  • Identify culture advantages and potential blindspots
  • Uncover and replicate unique patterns that are driving success
  • Understand differences between the people who stay vs leave
culture orientation

3 Steps to People Intelligence


Individual applicants and/or employees complete a 15 min online questionnaire


Your TalentIdentify portal learns about personality, values, and culture patterns


Unlock dynamic insights for smarter workforce management, and better hiring to deep internal context