3 Things to Get Right for Talent Fit

A poor fitting employee who leaves can cost the business at least 30% of their annual salary. Poor fit leads to turnover, and significant turnover financially cripples businesses. So how can you secure the right people who will perform in their jobs, as well as capture their heart to keep them engaged and satisfied?

When people fit their jobs… they perform in their role.

When people align with teams… the team outperforms.

When people align with culture… the company thrives.

Ensuring the right fit requires understanding of how an individual aligns or adds to their environment, and this means deeper insights about their Personality, Values and Culture Styles.


1.  Fit Personality to the Job

Our Personality is the behaviours that we are most strongly inclined to. Think of these as natural strengths – what an individual is good at DOING. People perform best when their personality matches what they need to do for the job.

  • Determine if, and where, the individuals Personality strengths align with the tasks and activities required of the job.

2.  Fit Values to the Team

Our Values are the motivational drivers that are important to us. Think of these as personal goals (e.g. to obtain prestige, to show humility, to care for others, to control resources, to maintain safety). Teams who are aligned in Values tend to stay together longer, and work towards the same goals.

  • Look at how the individuals Values align to their prospective teams, as well as the role that they play in the organisation. 

3. Fit Culture Style to Organisation

Our Culture Style shows what kind of environment we contribute to building (e.g. relationship, change, or results focused). Individuals who match their organisations/divisions culture patterns tend to have higher levels of engagement and satisfaction.

  • Assess how the individuals Culture Style aligns with the organisations (or in the case of larger organisations – the team or department).


Often, fit can also be about filling existing gaps rather than finding more of the same. To identify which it is that your workforce needs, you’ll need to know what your current operating patterns are, and then bring in more of what is required.

Better fitting employees means higher performing and more engaged workforces. At TalentIdentify, we want to help build workplaces where everyone fits and is fulfilled at work, through deeper insights and enhanced people decisions.