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TalentIdentify provides people and culture insights. Our tools identify talents and diagnose areas for development at the level of individual, applicant, team, or workforce. By leveraging cross-cultural, cutting-edge data and psychological science and best-practice solutions, TalentIdentify helps you to more effectively attract, recruit, develop and retain what you need to ensure engagement and performance.

In addition to individual profiles, TalentIdentify’s smart advisor portal delivers real-time, visual, insights to support your strategy and enhance decision-making. We specialise in entry points, career development,and people management. Use TalentIdentify to help build job satisfaction, organisational committment and to optimise the success patterns of your teams and business in the long-term.

It now widely accepted that demographics, interviews and cognitive testing do not guarantee person-job fit. Performance isn’t just about how skilled or hard-working someone is – it’s about whether they are aligned and engaged with an organisation through their personality, culture, and values.

TalentIdentify helps you to leverage psychological science to gain comprehensive insights into the specific behaviours, culture types, and values of your current workforce and new applicants. A 15 minute online assessment will give you insight into:

  • People and Culture Intelligence – You can only effectively manage when you can accurately identify. Identify the success patterns and talent traits of your business and diagnose your operating culture to support strategy and growth.
  • Hiring Aide – No matter how suited an individual may seem to a role in the short-term, if their core values are out of sync with the culture of their team or organisation, they are less likely to thrive in the long-term. Change your hiring strategy to promote longevity.
  •  Training Focus – Retain your best talent, improve engagement and reduce turnover by identifying development point.  Invest wisely in specific and targeted training to build individual competencies and develop your leaders. Invest the resources on what your people actually need.

In minutes you can set up an integrated intelligence portal that will allow you to visualise your individual talents and workforce culture. TalentIdentify gives you the freedom to self-serve behavioural and cultural science on a large scale at low cost. This way, you u aren’t constantly relying on a 3rd party to process requests and can manage your success on your terms through:

  • Psychology-grade Insights. Optimise your workforce and inform important decisions at individual, team and workforce levels.
  • Unique Success IDs. Identify the unique success and development patterns of your business to truly harness talent and develop growth needs.
  • Culture and Value Drivers. Map your operating culture onto a framework of cross-cultural human values, maximising engagement and motivation.

Customer satisfaction and stakeholder value is created and driven by a strong culture. Indeed, culture eats strategy for breakfast. The problem with culture is that you can’t just state your values and expect things to happen. This is because culture is not something you say – it’s the sum of what all the individuals in the culture do. Diagnose your current culture and visualise the gap between where you are and where you want to be to drive  a successful strategy.

TalentID helps you to shed light on this complex issue by using psychological and behavioural science to uncover the primary patterns of your workforce, supporting you to optimise and enhance the effectiveness of your organisation through holistically identifying personality, stress, culture, and value drivers – supporting a more engaged and higher performing workforce.

Gallup statistics showed that the top25% of engaged workforces saw:

+10% in customer loyalty/engagement
+21% in profitability
+20% in productivity — sales
+17% in productivity — production records and evaluations
-70% in safety incidents
-41% in absenteeism
-58% in safety incidents
-40% in quality defects

When you invest in people and culture, you are investing in the core drivers of performance. Research shows that employees who are more aligned with their company’s values are more engaged with and committed to their organisation, while those that were less aligned were likely to quit (Gubman, 2004). Turnover conservatively costs an organisation 50-60% of an employee’s annual salary (Allen, 2008).

Critical business outcomes are heavily impacted on by hard-to-see factors that are quietly driving the more direct metrics such as profit and sales. TalentIdentify equips you with the tools to improve hiring quality, employee engagement, cultural alignment, and customer satisfaction; and help you reduce unseen costs like disengagement, conflict, counter-productive behaviour and presenteeism (turning up but not contributing). 

Use TalentID to align people, culture and values towards business succe

There are two core paid components to TalentIdentify, all other features are free.

  • Your company branded dashboard portal (paid per annum)
  • Individual ID (starting at $119)

TalentIdentify uses advances in technology to better people insights at a lower cost. Not only are we using the best science, we provide faster and cheaper results, compared to consultancy type profiles that start at $160 per individual assessment.

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Psychometrics = Psychology + Statistics. In line with best practice solutions, TalentIdentify incorporates Psychology and Statistics in its foundations, as well as Data Science + Behavioural Algorithms + Real-time Learning. Furthermore, TalentIdentify is based on modern advances in psychological science, rather than being a standalone corporate consultancy psychometric assessment developed in-house or based on dated psychological models.

While other providers control your data with closed tools, TalentIdentify:

  • Hands you the reins to your business data
  • Automatically generates profile IDs at your discretion
  • Provides a centralised self-serve portal 
  • Enables analytics across individuals, teams, and workforce.

TalentID recognises key differentiators – no two IDs are the same, just like no two people are. We do not restrict you to one of a few ‘types’ of people. While we honour the complexity of the human experience, we translate this into easy-to-digest insights and suggestions.

TalentID allows you to visualise and harness success patterns at the level of individual, team and workforce. 

TalentID goes beyond comparable alternatives, we give you the most current, cross-culturally validated and recognised science and tools, for less than half the cost and completion time.

Based in science validated by 1000+ third-party studies and Harvard-backed, TalentIdentify goes beyond an ‘opinion’ or ‘culture’ survey. It maps globally recognised human behaviour and motivators to assist you in identifying specific talents and addressing gaps in your workforce.

Beware of subjective opinion ‘surveys’, because they are not assessments and are often written by a single consultancy firm. Many of these tools contain general questions about surface attributes rather than assessing operating culture (i.e. through demonstrated values). Such surveys attract a high cost in exchange for little confidence in the results. 

Many businesses have been relying on tools that aren’t evidence-based or that are well marketed in-house assessments that are based on outdated science. Poor models give you unreliable results and limit your opportunities for success. There are more than 1000+ third-party studies in the literature validating the science used in TalentID. Just ask us if you are interested to know more!

Your portal is self-branded. On top of that, we are happy to discuss customisations if you are looking to engage with TalentIdentify for the long-term, in bulk, or looking to resell to others. Please feel welcome to get in contact.


Stripe is an international standard payment gateway and links directly with banks and merchants like Amazon. It is the preferred payment method for many businesses, comparable to or even surpassing Paypal. There is more information on their website (

You are charged only upon completion of a TalentID. You are NOT charged just for inviting someone. One credit is deducted from your account per ID.

For security, TalentID does not hold any of your card details, and all payment is solely encrypted and handled through Stripe. All charges will show up in your bank transactions and your invoices will be emailed at the end of each month.


The need for repeated TalentIDs will depend on your needs. To gain the most value, use ID for every applicant you are considering, and once a year for permanent employees.

There may be a need to TalentID more that usual if an organisation is undergoing culture or team changes, assessing training needs, or tracking shifts in team or organisational personality and culture.

What makes your business successful will be unique and different to other businesses, even in the same industry. To optimise your hiring, we suggest that you define what you actually need for each role. Applying blanket solutions that work for similar businesses to your unique business is risky.

Some clients have asked us for a specific checklist of personality traits and values to quickly mark off, but we caution against any service claiming to give you a definitive straight answer without asking you to consider your unique needs. 

This is completely up to you. It depends on how important it is for your overall workforce and business to succeed. For example, if only 30% of your workforce has been identified, that means the other 70% is unknown to you. Identifying more of your workforce will help you make decisions to manage your people and fill business needs more effectively.

TalentIdentify has previously been used as part of consulting services, and access has only been open to the public recently. Our insights have been used to in industries including education, technology, construction, banking, venture capitalists, and health, Organisations like Bankwest, Nugit, Anywhr and UWA have engaged TalentIdentify to conduct training needs analysis, screen applicants, assess workforce culture, and conduct research.

Success depends on many factors. For example, the suitability of the best person for the job is entirely based on the available pool of talent that you can select from, and you may not have much to choose from. You will get higher rates of succes if you have identified the right requirements for success in a job position, consider their fit for the team and broader culture, ID applicants and run follow-up interviews before hiring, and considering the proportion of workforce you base conclusions on. 

The true value of TalentID is in providing insights that inform your decisions, rather than aiming to replace you as a decision maker.

Our brains are subject to unconscious bias. Psychological science estimates that we unknowingly sabotage success or accuracy rates to less than 50% (a coin flip) without objective tools to support us. At the very least, TalentID helps minimise this effect by eliminating bias in interviewers and interviewees. Turnover conservatively costs an organisation half of an employee’s annual salary (Allen, 2008). Even with just a humble estimated 20% increase in employee stay length after using TalentIdentify, you’ve just avoided a loss of $5000 for just ONE employee who was paid $50k a year.


The portal is functional and like every committed business, we are always improving the product. If you would like to shape its development, we would really love for you to provide feedback on how it can be more useful for you. Contact us through your company’s portal!

TalentID meets the reliability and validity requirements for international statistical standards on psychological assessments and meets the publication standards of worldwide scientific journals. As psychological science advances, TalentIdentify will improves in line with the research.

News of major features will be sent out and for smaller updates you may just notice a more pleasant experience on your online portal!

TalentIdentify is based in science rather than on adapted assessments and decades of personality research, so the questions are more or less stable. Although we continue to expand our knowledge and its applications, psychologists have got a solid idea of the key characteristics of human personality and values.

Updates don’t mean new retakes of the same ID, but new analyses of your current data. In the event that the questions need to be updated due to a core upgrade, we offer retakes of the same IDs to you for free.

In future, we may add additional services such as ability testing, or provide more insights beyond personality and values – these additions can be added to your current package and will be priced accordingly.


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You own your individual data and can request deletion at anytime.

The data is stored with Amazon Web Services in Australia, Singapore and/or America. Your responses to our questionnaire are saved by us in a separate database, and are separated from any identifying details.